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About Solucenter International®

25 years of experience working with US-based clients.

Solucenter International® is a Professional Contact Center that offers a great range of BPO services to help your business reach high performance. We offer great solutions and specialized services for your business needs.

When you partner with Solucenter International®, your mind is set at ease. You are guaranteed to have:

Bi-Cultural Staff

Hablamos español. We understand and live the U.S. culture. Our fully bilingual workforce is capable of creating outstanding interactions with your customers.

Strategic proximity to the U.S.

Save money and time, no more flying overseas. We’re only minutes away from the San Ysidro, California border.

Highest U.S. Quality Standards

With more than 25 years of experience working with U.S. companies. Thanks to our Training programs received in the U.S. that are focused on customer service delivery, we have the highest quality standards.

Our Locations

Solucenter International® is strategically located in Baja California, Mexico. Our Tijuana center is 25 minutes away from San Diego, California and our Ensenada center is located only one hour south of the border. 


Avenida Guadalajara 7402
Fracc. El Valle, Tijuana B.C.


Calle Ensenada 680 y Calle Diez
Fracc. Ulbrich, Ensenada, B.C. 22840

Both centers offer the latest technology:

Infrastructure Reliability

Our infrastructure utilizes the latest Cisco technology: Routers, Switches & Bridges. Cabling is certified by Panduit.

Technical Redundancy

Redundant power supplies to internet routers, main core switches, and servers.
Hot spare backs up the main firewall. All systems derive their power from redundant UPS service. UPS devices are backed up by redundant power generators. All critical network hardware is backed up with an on-site spare.

Technology Security

VLAN – network segmentation
Utilized to ensure the security of each client.

Some of Our Clients

The Solucenter Advantage

With our Solucenter Experience Program, we employ rich and effective resources that will help to drive performance and achieve your business goals.

Talent Acquisition & DiSC Profiling®

Solucenter International has the largest recruitment team in Baja. We employ powerful recruiting resources such as DiSC®. This is a powerful do-it-yourself resource designed to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communication.

Customer Care University

Always go the Extra Mile! We always find ways to go above and beyond for customers. We love complaints. We turn complaints to areas of opportunity to action plans to improve upon.

Soft-Skills Training

Our Tele-Services Skills Training combines the transaction and interaction skills needed to maintain call control efficiency in any situation and drive to business and customer’s satisfaction.

L.A.M.A. Technique®

We employ this powerful call handling technique that emphasizes on optimal call control by listening and interacting effectively with every customer. This philosophy has been created and promoted by business consultant Judy McKee.

Business Mini-Games

We build business mini-games that focus on critical numbers. We work hard while having fun type environment. We create a healthy competitive environment amongst co-workers.

+Positive Coaching

We employ a Positive Coach Approach to help our collaborators to have a clear charted course of action when identifying areas for opportunity. Its a course for anyone charged with the task of improving call center performance in the form of customer satisfaction, increased sales, shorter call times, and greater employee satisfaction.

Our Solucenter Experience is inspired by great service culture organizations such as:

Work@Home Solutions

Our Solucenter Business Continuity Plan KEEPS YOUR BUSINESS MOVING FORWARD.

1. Maintain Business Continuity with our Work At Home (WAH) Solution expanding your call-center operations with work at home agents.

2. We make Hybrid-mode also available. When needed, our representatives can be diverged to perform at home and office simultaneously.

Solucenter helps you make the right choice for your organization based on your needs and business goals.

Why Choose Us?

At Solucenter International® we are committed to delivering world-class solutions and to exceed our customers’ expectations. We understand the always-changing world of business and the new era of customer experience.

We are experts in Customer service, Technical support, implementing campaigns for inbound, and outbound calls and Back-office support.

With Solucenter International®, you’re dealing with talented professionals, valued members of our team, who happen to be based just across the border in Mexico.

We provide real-time call listening capability and access to customized key performance indicators, so you receive the transparency and reporting to ensure you never lose business control.

When you partner with Solucenter International®, you get our service-with-heart guarantee. The simple act of caring is a powerful competitive advantage — and we have a 20-year-long track record to prove it.

We go the extra mile

We achieve customer satisfaction

We create loyal customers!

Our Services

We provide an outstanding customer service experience and the best quality for your outsourcing needs.

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